Jamie Bush

Bush Heli-Services Clermont, QLD

Having had a previous business relationship with Geoff and Mary of NQ Aviation Services, I was aware of the extensive aviation experience and knowledge-base held within the business organisation. In light of this, it was a natural decision for me to engage NQ Aviation when I required aviation consultancy services. I value the open and honest relationship that I have with NQ Aviation, and firmly believe that Bush Heli-Services has benefited from the guidance and assistance that has been offered to me in my business pursuits.

Christ Castles

Zest Financial Solutions, Ingham

As the owner and operator of a rotary-wing aircraft, the safe and efficient operation of my aircraft is of paramount importance to both my business operations, and my leisure pursuits. NQ Aviation has been my maintenance provider of choice for over a decade. The combined wealth of experience, depth of knowledge and know-how, and absolute focus on thorough and extensive maintenance provision means that when I fly, I do so with confidence in my aircraft and it’s safe operation.